Missouri Senate Votes

2012 Missouri Choice-Related Legislation Final Vote Chart in the Senate

A “no” vote is a pro-choice vote
SB 65 – 20 Week Abortion Ban
Senator District Party The bill would prohibit abortions past 20 weeks, except if the fetus is not viable or in cases of a medical emergency. Under this bill, two physicians will be required to approve an abortion. It will also become a felony for doctors to perform illegal late-term abortions, and punishable by a minimum one-year prison sentence and a fine of as much as $50,000.
Brown, Dan 16 R Y
Callahan, Victor 11 D Y
Chappelle-Nadal, Maria 14 D N
Crowell, Jason 27 R Y
Cunningham, Jane 7 R Y
Curls, Kiki S. 9 D N
Dempsey, Tom 23 R Y
Dixon, Bob 30 R Y
Engler, Kevin 3 R Y
Goodman, Jack 29 R Y
Green, Timothy P. 13 D Absent
Justus, Jolie 10 D N
Keaveny, Joseph 4 D N
Kehoe, Mike 6 R Y
Kraus, Will 8 R Y
Lager, Brad 12 R Y
Lamping, John T. 24 R Y
Lembke, Jim 1 R Y
Mayer, Robert 25 R Y
McKenna, Ryan 22 D Y
Munzlinger, Brian 18 R Y
Nieves, Brian 26 R Y
Parson, Mike 28 R Y
Pearce, David 31 R Y
Purgason, Chuck 33 R Y
Richard, Ron 32 R Y
Ridgeway, Luann 17 R Y
Rupp, Scott 2 R Y
Schaaf, Rob 34 R Y
Schaefer, Kurt 19 R Absent
Schmitt, Eric 15 R Y
Stouffer, Bill 21 R Y
Wasson, Jason 20 R Y
Wright-Jones, Robin 5 D N

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