Senate Voting Record of 2012



A No Vote is a Pro Choice Vote:

Legislator District Party H Sub for SB 62 – Pharmacist Refusal and Medical Non refferral act allows medical professionals and hospitals to deny health care to patients based on their beliefs.
Sen. Abrams 32 R Y
Sen. Apple 12 R Y
Sen. Bruce 34 R Y
Sen. Brungardt 24 R N
Sen. Donovan 27 R Y
Sen. Emler 35 R Y
Sen. Faust-Goudeau 29 D N
Sen. Francisco 2 D Y
Sen. Haley 4 D N
Sen. Hensley 19 D N
Sen. Holland 3 D N
Sen. Huntington 7 R N
Sen. Kelly 18 D N
Sen. Kelsey 26 R Y
Sen. King 15 R Y
Sen. Kultala 5 D N
Sen. Longbine 17 R Y
Sen. Love 38 R Y
Sen. Lynn 9 R Y
Sen. Marshall 13 R N
Sen. Masterson 16 R Y
Sen. McGinn 31 R Y
Sen. Merrick 37 R Y
Sen. Morris 39 R Y
Sen. Olson 23 R Y
Sen. Ostmeyer 40 R Y
Sen. Owens 8 R N
Sen. Petersen 28 R Y
Sen. Pilcher-Cook 10 R Y
Sen. Pyle 1 R Y
Sen. Reitz 22 R N
Sen. A. Schmidt 20 R Y
Sen. V. Schmidt 36 R N
Sen. Schodorf 25 R N
Sen. Steineger 6 R Absent or Not Voting
Sen. Taddiken 21 R Y
Sen. Teichman 33 R N
Sen. Umbarger 14 R Y
Sen. Vratil 11 R N
Sen. Wagle 30 R Y






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