State Legislative Information:

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) is anti-choice; the Kansas House is anti-choice; and the Kansas Senate is mixed-choice. Ninety-six percent of Kansas counties have no abortion provider.

Kansas has a variety of anti-choice laws currently on the books. For example:

  • Women seeking abortion services must receive biased-counseling requirements and mandatory delays.
  • Kansas prohibits certain state employees and organizations receiving state funds from counseling or referring women for abortion services.
  • Kansas prohibits the use of some public facilities for abortion services.
  • Kansas allows certain individuals or entities to refuse to provide women specific reproductive-health services, information or referrals.
  • Kansas prohibits the use of state funds for abortion unless the pregnancy is a result of rape, incest or threatens the life of the woman.
  • Kansas law restricts young women’s access to abortion services by mandating dual parental notice.

The above information is courtesy of NARAL’s state profile of Kansas.

For information about the current political landscape in Kansas, check out US Political News: Kansas, Everyday Citizen and Your Politics: Kansas.

Abortion Access Information:

Center for Women’s Health
Overland Park, KS
(913) 491-6878

Peggy Bowman Second Chance Fund – The Abortion Fund in Kansas
(316) 260-2739

Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Health Center
Overland Park, KS
(913) 345-1400

South Wind Women’s Center
Wichita, KS

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