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Trust Women And Change The World

Women's lives and health are at stake.

Women and families can be trusted to make important medical decisions for themselves, in consultation with their physicians. It is not the place of government bureaucrats to govern the private medical lives of women and their families. Put women and families first, vote NO on the so-called “Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act” bill.

Why Trust Women PAC?

Our Roots

  Our Position  

We are dedicated to preserving reproductive health care, especially later termination of pregnancy, for women and families who find themselves faced with this heart-breaking decision.

Trust Women is uniquely positioned to carry on the work of ProKanDo, which was founded by Dr. George Tiller and directed by Julie Burkhart. Trust Women works in states across the Midwest and the South that are so often overlooked due to their heavily anti-choice, right-wing climate.  

Trust Women PAC | PO Box 15433 | Washington, DC 20003 | Phone: 202.642. 2518.
Email: Cassie Tinsmon, Treasurer
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