Oklahoma House passes HB 1549

The Oklahoma House has passed HB 1549, which would prohibit physicians from providing abortions solely because of a fetal anomaly.

Women and their families make difficult decisions when faced with news that there is a fetal indication. Such decisions should be left to women and their families, not to politicians.

Trust Women is working hard to push back against this unconstitutional law, which will cost Oklahoma taxpayers to litigate.

Please contact the lawmakers who represent you in Oklahoma to let them know that you oppose this bill.

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How Kansas and Oklahoma lawmakers stack up on reproductive rights

The Kansas and Oklahoma legislative sessions are well underway, so we have a better idea of how lawmakers are stacking up on reproductive rights.

Want to know where the lawmakers who represent you stand? Click on our handy guides.

2017 Choice Guide to Kansas Legislators’ Stances on Reproductive Rights

2017 Choice Guide to Oklahoma Legislators’ Stances on Reproductive Rights

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Trust Women statement: Kansas should protect abortion rights in state constitution

Wichita, Kansas – Kansas has a long history of honoring self-autonomy, and in that vein, the Kansas Supreme Court should rule that the Kansas State Constitution protects a woman’s right to abortion care.

“We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will uphold the decision of the lower courts and rule in our favor,” Trust Women founder and CEO Julie Burkhart said after the court heard arguments Thursday in a case stemming from the state’s ban of a common and internationally accepted second-trimester abortion procedure, which is stayed.

Depending on the justices’ decision, Kansas could become the eighth state in the country to protect abortion care under a state constitution.

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Live-stream Kansas Supreme Court hearing

The Kansas Supreme Court will hear arguments Thursday morning in a case that could make the Sunflower State the eighth in the country to protect a woman’s right to abortion care.

A lot is at stake.

You can listen in no matter where you are by live streaming the hearing at 9 a.m. CST Thursday, March 16. Go to the court’s website and click on the yellow “Watch Supreme Court Live!” link. 

We continue to lean in to abortion care here at Trust Women. On Tuesday, our attorney, Robert Eye, testified about a proposed bill in Kansas that would require clinics such as ours to divulge information about physicians (such as when they graduated from medical school or if they live in the state) that does nothing to protect patients but only serves to further ostracize doctors who provide abortion care. SB 98 and its twin, HB 2319, seek to single out physicians who #TrustWomen, plain and simple.

“It looks punitive, and it looks like it’s harassing a particular set of providers,” a Republican lawmaker said during the hearing in the Kansas House Federal and State Affairs Committee.

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