Abortion Laws by State in the Midwest and South

Click each state below to see a complete listing of their laws regarding abortion:

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Oklahoma 2016 Legislative Session

Click here for our Oklahoma bill tracker!

Click here for contact information for Oklahoma legislators.

Click here for information on Oklahoma laws regarding abortion. 

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Kansas 2016 Legislative Session

Click here for our weekly Kansas bill tracker. 

Click here for Kansas lawmaker contact information.

Click here for information on Kansas laws regarding about.


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Physician Intimidation and Criminalization Act: Multi-state Bill Tracking

We know that it is confusing to try to track similar bills in multiple states.  To help you understand what is happening with bills aimed at banning abortions using the D&E method, a safe and legal procedure, we created these charts to show where each bill is and how far it has to go to become a law.


  • SB 95 is now in the House Federal and State Affairs committee. It was passed by the Senate on 2/20/15.  It passed the House on 3/25/15. Governor Brownback signed the SB 95 on April 7.  It is currently blocked by the district court during ongoing litigation.



  • HB 1721 was enacted and has been challenged in district court.  It is currently blocked during litigation.


  • House Bill 920 has been read twice and is now waiting assignment to a committee. After it has been assigned, it will be heard and passed or not by the assigned committee.

South Dakota

South Carolina 

  • South Carolina has introduced SB 531.  It is currently in the Senate Medical Affairs committee.


Michigan has introduced HB 4833.  It is the House Criminal Justice Committee.


Nebraska has introduced a D&E ban in the form of LB 767.  It has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee.

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