Our Mission

Dr. George Tiller was an inspiration to reproductive health care professionals and advocates. We at Trust Women share his vision of an America where women can, without burden, control their reproductive lives, have healthy pregnancies and deliver safely.

For many women here in the United States, these basic rights are out of reach. That’s why Trust Women will expand abortion care and maternal health care to tens of thousands of women by opening more clinics.

In every state where we open a clinic, we will create model policy agendas to expand access to care. We will build deep community support for these services and the policy makers who stand up for them.

Trust Women will:

  1. Open clinics that provide abortion care, maternal health care and full-spectrum reproductive health care.
  2. Build community investment in those clinics.
  3. Create model state public policies to expand abortion care and improve maternal health.

We will do this in the Midwest and the South, where women’s reproductive rights have been limited more than in any other region of the country. We will measure our success by the number of women in this region who can easily access abortion and who have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries. Period.

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