About Trust Women

Trust Women PAC is a political organization executive director Julie Burkhart founded to carry on the vision that Dr. George Tiller had for women of the world. The organization was formed to protect physicians – his colleagues – who are continuing on in his footsteps, and to work in states that have been neglected, to our detriment, by pro-woman organizations due to the overwhelming anti-choice environment within those states.

After his assassination on Sunday, May 31st of 2009, it is an undeniable reality that reproductive health care dramatically changed across the United States. Women and families across the country and around the world have been affected by this senseless act of violence.

Dr. Tiller wore a Trust Women button every day, which simply and eloquently summarized his attitude towards women – by putting our trust in the decision-making of women, we allow women the freedom they deserve to make critical, difficult and sensitive decisions.

Dr. George Tiller believed in a strong pro-choice, pro-woman political operation. That is why he founded ProKanDo PAC in 2002, which Burkhart then built and ran until 2009. He believed that if a pro-woman society is to prevail, then we must invest our time, resources and money into a functioning political advocacy operation.

A new day has dawned in America, and even though it is not the day we had imagined, we must tirelessly work to make reproductive rights a reality for women everywhere. We must reach for the silver lining that exists by working, day-by-day, to bring equality to women and to fight against the oppressive hand of the anti-choice extremists.

We invite you to join with Trust Women as we begin again and work towards a brighter tomorrow – where women get the care they need, where health clinic staff are not harassed at their homes, where physicians do not have to die in the line of duty.

Trust Women PAC is a state political action committee registered in the state of Kansas.

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