Trust Women’s July newsletter is out

Trust Women Foundation’s July 2017 newsletter is out.

Our Wichita clinic has updated its 24-hour consent forms to comply with a Kansas law requiring clinics such as ours to disclose prejudicial information about our providers. Anti-choice laws like Senate Bill 83, which went into effect Saturday, force Trust Women to spend money on legal fees and invest our time in ways that do not help women or their families. The type of information our clinic now must make available before a woman can see us for abortion care — such as whether a physician has hospital privileges within a 30-mile radius or lives in Kansas — is not required for doctors who provide any other type of health care. Many hospitals will not grant privileges for physicians who provide abortion care because of politics, and lawmakers and the antis know this. So dictating that our clinic divulge whether a doctor has hospital privileges is just one more way to unfairly stigmatize the providers who sacrifice so much to serve our patients. A TRAP (Targeted Regulation Against Abortion Providers) law requiring that our physicians have hospital privileges is enjoined in Kansas.

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