Kansas can do better than Kris Kobach

Kansas doesn’t need the Midwestern version of Donald Trump as governor. Kris Kobach, who announced his candidacy last week, is not only anti-choice, against same-sex marriage but also the architect behind an anti-immigrant movement that hatefully seeks to turn back the rich history of America as a melting pot.

Kobach is no friend to women, the LGBTQIA community or Kansas families just trying to make a better life in the United States.

As Kansas Secretary of State, he’s also not been a good steward of taxpayers’ money, using state-owned aircraft for jaunts to other states to promote voter suppression laws.

Kansans for Life’s PAC has previously endorsed Kobach as a candidate. Women in this state deserve a governor who respects their rights.

We’ve been eager for a kinder Kansas. That won’t happen under Kobach.

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