Kansas House Pushes Sweeping Invasion of Privacy in HB 2598

Trust Women Founder astonished at level of government intrusion into private lives of Kansas families

A 68 page bill moving through the Kansas legislature, which represents one of the most sweeping anti-abortion bills in history, is drawing national attention and the ire of local women’s-rights groups.

“This bill is a far reaching and meddlesome intrusion into the private lives of Kansas women and families,” said Julie Burkhart, Founder and Director of Trust Women. “The legislation puts politicians between women and their doctors and actually requires doctors to lie to women about a link between abortions and breast cancer that doesn’t exist.

In addition to requiring doctors to inform patients of an unproven link between breast cancer and abortion, the bill would allow doctors to withhold medical information regarding a woman’s pregnancy—without fear of litigation—in order to prevent her from seeking an abortion. It also requires women to listen to a fetal heartbeat, and makes abortion inaccessible after 20 weeks, rather than the 21 weeks the legislature agreed to only last year.  “Make no mistake,” said Burkhart, “HB 2598 is not about protecting the health of women; it’s a tool to further deteriorate access to a safe, legal medical procedure. These politicians are making Kansas government bigger and bigger, all the while saying just the opposite. No Kansan I know thinks government intrusion is the solution to anything—especially if it’s the Kansas taxpayers footing the bill.”

Since the bill contains many provisions already being challenged in courts across the country, Trust Women went on to express concerns that Kansas would be required to pour more money into defending anti-abortion bills after spending hundreds of thousands in limited state funds only last year.

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