This Week in Anti-Woman State Legislation

Here are the new fronts on which anti-woman, anti-family state legislators are attacking this week:

  • Ohio is considering a pre-viability abortion ban based on a detectable fetal heartbeat.  This would essentially be a complete abortion ban, as the fetal heartbeat is detectable as early as 18 days into a pregnancy, which in many cases would be before a woman even discovers she is pregnant.
  • Last week, Arizona lawmakers last week introduced bills that would ban abortion for reasons of racial or sex selection, and require women seeking abortions to sign an affidavit saying they are not doing so because of the fetus’ sex or race.  They are also considering legislation that would redefine medical abortion as surgery, which, if passed, would eliminate abortion care access for all rural women outside the Tuscon and Phoenix metropolitan areas.
  • This week, the South Dakota legislature will hear legislation that would require a woman to consult with a pregnancy crisis center before scheduling an abortion.  A Republican legislator has also introduced a bill that would legalize the murder of abortion providers.
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